Comcast will give you our triple play plan for free if you have a 10 year membership. Only for the price of $900.99! What a low price! It's a big save!! If you sign up now, you will get a free...ONE foot television!!


AT&T is now offering satelite TV. It comes with a giant, ugly satelite dish that falls down every 10 minutes! Isn't that great?! Didn't I mention that? "Voices": No, no you didn't, Tom. We also sell internet thats slower than dial-up called DSL!

People PC

People PC is so slow! I once watched a whole marathon of shows before it loaded. I'm sure Indianna Jones (Harrison Ford) could capture the crystal skull and the golden idol before it loads!

Hideous Buxton Organizer

Would you like a hideous bag you have to carry around on your side all day?! You would?! Then buy the Buxton Organizer! Its so ugly, you might die. Isn't the Buxton Organizer the bag for you? The bag you want and need?! Great, buy one from the cheesy commericial. Or not, you could go blind from the hideousness. Eww. And on the commercial the woman with the Buxton Organizer had a blindfold and found what she needed! She memorized what was in there! And when they showed her old purse, a guy stole it while she wasn't looking. I think I would rather have my purse stolen than to have that hideous Buxton Organizer crap. Anyways, all she had to do was to keep her purse on her shoulder. That idiot. It wouldn't have made a difference if she had set down the Buxton Organizer! That could also get stolen! I'm giving my mom a warning about the Buxton Organizer. If she bought it, she might end up in the hospital! I wouldn't be surprised if she actually did go to the hospital...what a rip-off! As you see on the picture at the left side, it looks like crap. Yet, on the right side, it still looks like crap! The second picture looks like they tried really hard to stuff all that crap in there! Gross. One more thing: If I created the Buxton Organizer, I would've named it the Ugly Unorganizer!

Written by: Michael and Cortney McCoy

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